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Bayferrox® brown pigments can be produced at all lanxess sites across the globe. they are mixtures of yellow, black and red pigments. depending on the mixing ratio, both very pale shades of brown and almost black hues can be achieved. the main area of use is the construction industry, where these pigments are found in a wide range of applications.

Mechanism: optical brighteners are colorless to weakly colored organic compounds.when present on a substrate, optical brighteners absorb primarily invisible ultraviolet light in the 300-400 nanometer (nm) range and re-emit in the visible violet-to-blue fluorescent light to yield a brighter, fresher appearance.

Factory price titanium dioxide tio2 rutile/anatase for coatings, inks, paint, plastics industry. related tags : titanium dioxide tio2, titanium dioxide, tio2, titanium dioxide for paint; wuhan hangyu international import & export co., ltd.

Top products we are good quality supplier of optical brightening agent, fluorescent brightening agents, detergent optical brighteners from china. white optical brightening agent cxt triazine stilbene derivatives cas 16090-02-1 textile auxiliary agents 4bk / bb optical brightener for cotton slight reddish shade

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