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Jun 19, 2020 · we are integrating research, manufacture and trade of optical brightener, pigments, ultraviolet absorbent products. oba 199, cbs-x, ob, ob-i, kcb, ebf, uv 326, uv327 etc products have been won a good reputation by both usa, india, euro, south of asia market as well as domestica market.

Aofarma® (europe) aofarma® is a hydrogen peroxide grade specifically designed for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and dental industries and is used as a general antiseptic, in dermatology applications, as an oxidizer or neutralizer, for hair bleaching and for the cleaning of dentures or oral disinfection products.

Mar 01, 2020 · the anatase tio 2 is indirect band gap semiconducting, with a energy gap of 2.116 ev.. the conduction band is made up of ti-3d and o-2p, while the valence band composed of o-2p and ti-3d.. in anatase tio 2, bulk modulus is much higher than shear modulus and young's modulus, with poor toughness.. the nanocrystal growth preferentially grows in the edge of the [101] direction in anatase tio 2 …

Liquid optical brightener for cotton sk-ctn (h-cons) optical brightening agent is highly concentrated optical brightener for cellulose fabrics. the brightness obtained by sk-ctn (h-cons) has a bluish tone. it is used in low dosages and is cost effective.

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