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Our main products are pigment green -7, phthalocyanine pigment green 7, phthalocyanine pigment alfa blue 15 : 0 and phthalocyanine pigment beta blue 15 : 3. pigments are in huge demand globally due to their indispensable use in industries related to paint, plastic, rubber, ink, textile, paper and leather.

>optical brightener fp-127 is used in whitening of plastics such as pvc,ps,abs,tpr,etc. but it has limited weather resistance in pe. >recommended concentrations: 0.05-0.5% depend on the application and degree of desired whiteness.

Shade concentration of 0.2% pigment; violets are an exception, where 0.1% pigment was used. in the white reductions, the illustrations are based on the respective pigment concentration to achieve 1/3 isd based on 5% tio 2. inorganic pigment shades are based on a full shade concentra-tion of 2% pigment and a ratio of 1:4 for white reductions.

Pigment blue beta 15:4: color index name: c.i pigment blue 15:4: color index number: 74160: cas no: 147-14-18: chemical class: phthalocyanine blue pigment: chemical formula/molecular weight: c 32 h 16 n 8 cu/576.08: physical appearance: blue fine powder: bulk density(gm/cc) 0.30-0.36: specific gravity: 1.5gms/cc: ph of 10% aq solution: 7: heat ...

We're an enterprise that export KCB brightener agent for textile for sale to China, we're approved by the relevant state registratio. Key KCB brightener agent for textile for sale and sell to many regions in China, product obtainable upon request. We've the spirit of "customer first, honesty first" principle, using a quantity of enterprises established long-term cooperative connection.

KCB brightener agent for textile for sale is the product that we have continued to emerge inside the China market and accomplished great reputation. Our items advertising and marketing network at all more than the China regions. Extra than 10 years, we've got developed into a high-volume, multi-function with the qualities, it could totally meet the demands of the KCB brightener agent for textile for sale industry.

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