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Optical brightener cbs127/fp-127 is suitable for all kinds of pvc products、small dosage and high whiteness、resistance transference、high efficiency and environmental friendly.the use of this product can greatly improve the whiteness of wire and cable products, make your product more beautiful colorful and brightness!

Optical brightener bbu optical brightener bbu optical brightener agent c.i.220 cas no 16470-24-9 optical brightener bbu good water solubility, dissolve in 3-5 times of boiling water by volume, optical brightener bbu 300g can be dissolved per liter...

Subhasri is a pigment manufacturer and exporter from india. our products are pigment green 7 and pigment blue 15.3/15.4 . subhasri is an iso 9001 and 14001 certified company. the phthalocyanine green & phthalocyanine blue pigments are widely used in plastics, textiles, paints, inks and rubber industry.

We supply the plastics industry with additives (coupling agents, fillers, uva, hals, anti-oxidants) to make their premium blends. whether as a specialized coating for enhanced durability, aesthetic reasons, or for fast curing, aal chem can come up with the chemical solution for your unique need.

professional VBL optical brightener agent for detergent Supplier having a higher company reputation,from China.Our solutions include:professional VBL optical brightener agent for detergent Solutions are primarily exported to European nations,it is actually well-known in lots of countries.

Qualified professional VBL optical brightener agent for detergent products of China supplier for international and regional trade enterprise.Being the most effective goods of our factory,our professional VBL optical brightener agent for detergent goods series have already been tested and won us specialist authority certifications. For more parameters and solution list specifics,please click the button to acquire a lot more info.

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