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Established in 1997, unite star is a leading chemical supplier in china specialized in exporting organic and inorganic pigments, solvent dyes and acid dyes etc. located in tianjin(tientsin) china, the biggest port of north china and major chemical manufacturer base, we have been working tightly with clients from ink, paint, plastic, textile ...

Introducing our new fusion and organic brow pigment line! this fusion line is bright, intense colors and excellent pigment retention. the fusion line combines organic and inorganic ingredients in an. innovative pigment formula. the advantage of the inorganic component is that the pigments. remain very stable in the skin. the safe iron-oxides ...

Specification typical properties (titanium dioxide anatase) items basic standard measured value tio2 content ¡Ý98 98.2% specific gravity 4.1 4.1g/cm3 tinting strength ¡Ý110 110 oil absorption ¡Ü20 19g/100g ph 6.5-8.0 7.9 whiteness ¡Ý97 97.8% volatile matter¡Ü ¡Ü0.3% 0.3% dispersibility(hegman) ¡Ý6.0 6.2 average particle size ¡Ü0.29µm 0.29µm execution standard …

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KSN optical brightener agent powder supplier could be the item that we've continued to emerge inside the China market and achieved good reputation. Our merchandise promoting network at all over the China regions. More than 10 years, we have created into a high-volume, multi-function of your characteristics, it could completely meet the wants on the KSN optical brightener agent powder supplier sector.

KSN optical brightener agent powder supplier exporter from China, we're by far the most professional supplier from USA with ISO9001 Certification. Also the solutions have already been certified by mutiple safety certification.We'll give our KSN optical brightener agent powder supplier priducts in top-quality and most favourable value.

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